Buddy Who's is named after the owner's late Father, Bud Cate. As the story goes...

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Buddy Who

Where it all started . . .


New Jersey, USA

The Beginning


When Paul's mother Lynn and Father Buddy were in High School, Buddy wanted to date Lynn, and his friends approached Lynn and told her that Buddy was wanted to go on a date with her. When they told her that Buddy wanted to go out with her she replied, "Buddy. Buddy Who?" and the nick name was born. They continued to see each other and he would sign all of the cards he wrote her as "BUDDY WHO."

They dated, married, had two children and spent the next 45 years together always signing all of their Holiday cards to friends and family as Buddy Who. Buddy passed away and Paul and his family wanted to keep Buddy's legacy and playful kind and spirited approach in Paul's new venture. So we named the Restaurant Buddy Who's and always keep Buddy in mind in our day to day activities. 


George & Paul

Dream Big . . .


Jersey City, NJ

A Friendship Begins


Paul and His Business Partner meet and talk about friends, family and life. They soon find out they share the same aspirations, goals and visions and talk about opening a restaurant together.

Paul and His Business Partner spend years meeting up and talking, and waiting for the right location, and time to open the new business. 


Jersey City, NJ

It's Time


Paul and his business partner find the perfect location in the perfect neighborhood of Paulus Hook, Jersey City. They really want to have a family place that always keeps Buddy's ideas of family and friends close. 

Paulus Hook, Jersey City is cozy neighborhood nestled in the Down Town District. Filled with brownstones and friendly locals. Buddy Who's decor really represents the coziness of spending the day inside sharing laughs and stories around the candle lit bar. Or simply having a seat in a cozy booth next to your friends and family sipping something or eating one of the burgers that are becoming a neighborhood staple.

The Famous Pancake Sandwich At Buddy Who's

The Famous Pancake Sandwich At Buddy Who's